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Wanderlust Photography Scottsdale, Arizona.
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How do I book the Glamper?

You can utilize our handy Contact Me form or if you prefer, you can email, call, or text me directly.  After I receive your inquiry we will then schedule a time to do your phone or in person consultation to go over the details of your event.

How far in advance should I book the Glamper?

As soon as you know the date of your event.  Sometimes the glamper is reserved months in advance. Contracts and retainers are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

Will The Glamper work at my venue?

We recommend at least 12’ x 23’ of space allocated for the Glamper.  With proper vehicle access, the Glamper can be positioned appropriately at most venues but if you have any concerns, we can do a site check before booking.  And of course, permission from your venue will be needed at the time of booking.

Can I use the Glamper outdoors?

In Arizona the Glamper is best used outdoors from October- April and/or when it is less than 90 degrees outside.  The Glamper does have heating and air conditioning, however, it is not sufficient during the hot Arizona summers.

Can I use the Glamper indoors?

The Glamper is a great addition to any indoor event or party.   Because of the chic and vintage appearance, you will be able to utilize the uniqueness of the Glamper in a variety of ways.  Just remember, there needs to be a door for vehicle entry as well as 12’x23’ of space to set up the Glamper. Site checks are recommended for smaller indoor venues.  .

Does the Glamper Travel?

Yes, she {we} loves road trips!!!  We will roll to your event as long as it’s within our travel radius.
*Travel beyond 45 miles is subject to additional cost, please inquire for more details

Can you personalize the photo strips?

We always include a cute little version of our logo with a link to access your digital photos on the bottom of the strip, and we’re happy to customize the photo strips to include your logo or information as desired!

Do you print the photo strips at the event? And can my guests get extra copies?

Yes! Always! Not only does each patron get a snazzy little photo strip immediately after they step out of the Glamper, we also upload photos to Facebook or to a public (or private) online gallery.  From your gallery you will be able to share or the download hi-resolution photos.

*A Photo album of all of your approved images can also be custom made by Wanderlust photography for an additional fee.

How many people can fit inside the Glamper?

If we told you 10, would you believe us? The most that can actually squeeze into a decent photo is approximately 5 people.

Can we use our own props?

Yes! As long as they’re not oddly long or sharp (we don’t want to poke holes or scratch the interior of the Glamper), you should be fine.  If you’re unsure about a prop, please send me a picture/dimensions and I can let you know if it will work.  You can also use our props, or get creative and bring whatever you’d like to theme your experience!

Can I rent the Glamper for my own photo shoot?

Yes you can! This little trailer is VERY photogenic, definitely a “canned ham” for the camera. We offer special stylized sessions with the Wanderlust Glamper.  If you would like to rent out the Glamper for other types of events or portrait needs, please contact us for more details.